Just write and let the moment flow.

Leonel Peña

Enjoy the journey

I built Stoic Journal to solve my own need. I am writing my own meditations. At the beginning I started without writing them, just in my mind. Shortly after, I switched to paper and then ended up on the computer.

I've been developing software long enough and it become easier to me to write in front of the computer. My ideas just flow from my mind to the keyboard easier than on paper.

Instead of fighting it, I decided to build my own solution free of any distraction. One that focuses on the only thing that matters: to help me write.

Hope it helps you too on your own journey.

- Leonel Peña

The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.


To all of those whose work and support made this app possible in some way or another.

Thank you

Thank you: